Alternative Google Adsense Terbaru dan Terbukti Membayar

Hi buddy everything, on this very solid occasion, admin want to share information just extra for who want to earn money online for blogs that have not support adsense.

Google adsense is very promising for now, because the high payment makes the publisher hard to accept [approved]. Well do not be too sad because it is often processed by mbah google, here I suggest to choose the best google adsense alternative that I ever follow.
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Adsense Alternatives Apart from Google:

1. AdHitz -

2. Bidvertsiser -

3. Chitika -

4. Adsoid -

5. Revenuehits -

This is the best 5 as an alternative to adsense I suggest, if you want to select another lot. You can also choose pop-up ads like pop-cash, pop-ads net, and many more.

The point is if you have a blog that has not been accepted by google adsense, keep Up-to-date [update] your article, multiply useful articles, definitely one day will be accepted by google.

Because however strict / difficult in approve by google certainly one day later you can answer.