Payoneer Card Buying Tips

Have you ever thought of buying a payooner card from your friend, and is it safe for you also what to do after buying the card. In this post I will discuss a few tips to buy a payooner card.
Factors that cause us to buy a payoneer card:

1. Limit of Card delivery
- This means we are given 3 cards that are sent for free and if not up to the 3rd card that is sent then we will be charged $ 40 to re-request and will give them tracker id from DHL delivery in indonesia.

2. Incomplete Address.
- Staying far away from the big city will make us a less valid address and will make our answer fail.

3. Other Factors
- Chances are you are given the credit card by your friend because he feels it is not important to use payooner.
cara mengisi saldo payoneer dari bank lokal jasa isi saldo payoneer isi saldo payoneer dengan western union trik payoneer cara transfer ke payoneer cara mengisi saldo payoneer dengan paypal cara menggunakan mastercard bni cara melihat nomor rekening payoneer
Tips After buying a payoneer card:

1. Replace Email Login
- Log in with email that has been given and replace with a valid email that you often use, free email, can gmail or yahoo, hotmail and personal email.

2. Changing login password
- After change email, proceed also to change login password to make it more secure.

3. Replace Card Pin
- Do also change the card PIN to be more secure, pin of 4 digits, choose which you easily remember. Do not use the year of birth, hp numbers, use pins that are hard to guess by others but you really remember the pin.

The point must be safe after doing the tips that I have given diatatas. Usually the US adsense users are very membinukan payoneer card as a means of payment from google adsense.

That's the short tips I can discuss related to buying a payooner from someone. This is consistent with my personal experience of ever purchasing the card.